I get Easily Distracted

IN MY TRAVELS THROUGH knowledge, the world, and everything in search of elightenment, knowledge, wisdom, and skills. I can start out to the market to buy tomatoes and come back with an eighty-foot yacht.

Metaphorically speaking. I have no idea where I’d park a yacht on our street.

So I’ve been shopping for instruction books on pencil drawing as aids in re-upping my drawing chops, which have been allowed to lay fallow for far too long. I’ve been, in particular, looking for a book on figure drawing that I used in high school and think rather highly of. Needles to say, it’s most likely out of print.

Instead, I stumbled across the series of books by Will Eisner of which the volume at right is one. IT looks fascinating, and offers a great deal to be learned about storytelling in any medium, and as such is highly recommended.

But, as I nearly forgot to mention, it doesn’t do much about your actual drawing chops.

Meantime, I have discovered what might actually be the ur source on this topic: Giovanni Civardi’s Complete Guide to Drawing (Art of Drawing). And, of course, it’s out of stock at the moment. ::sigh:: So I have to wait.

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