Gee! Didn’t We Say

(AT LEAST, I KNOW I DID) that giving the Secretary of the Treasury plenipotentiary powers in the bailout was a bad idea?

Sheesh! Every. Single. Time. You try and try to tell them. “It won’t work. It’s never worked.” What do they do? Go ahead and do it anyway. Slavery. Socialism. Income Taxes. Hell — taxes. The New Deal. The Grate Society. What do we have to do to keep Congress from acting like a herd of panicked lemmings?

Erm… vote ’em out of office?

We DID that! Didn’t do any good. They resolutely draw the wrong lesson from any election result.

Insist on certified genuine grade-A conservatives?

“Look for the conservative label?” Hmmm. Shows promise.

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