Funny How Things Change

WHEN I WAS A KID, there was no discussion of the right to keep and bear arms. It was in our DNA. Everybody had guns. People who couldn’t handle firearms were freaks or something. New York City, with its Sullivan Act prohibition was a laughingstock — especially considering the city’s high rate of violent crime. I mean, that’s where Kitty Genovese was killed, for crissake!

And, when you carried, you did it open. I don’t know how many times I walked the mile or so to my friend’s house (through the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati) with a pair of rifles in-hand, to gather there in preparation for a trip out in the country for some serious hunting of the wild tin-cans. And me a minor and all that.

Not a single “man with a gun” call — ever.

A concealed weapon was considered prima facie evidence of ill intent.

You could even, up until 1968, order guns through the mail. Nobody thought anything of it. The idiots who thought banning mail-order guns might have stopped that commie loon from shooting Kennedy were the fringe wackos. Not ordinary, law-abiding Americans.

Imagine from that perspective how bizzaro-world things look today. You have to have a license to carry a gun. And you have to carry it concealed? What loon thought that up?

So, yeah. Changing the law to permit open carry makes eminent sense to me. I support the effort. So should you.

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