Funny How In the Whole Debate

OVER IMMIGRATION INVASION policy, such as this anomalously wrong-headed post by Coyote, nobody mentions the key to the problem.

The Federal Minimum Wage.

::wobbita:: Wha’ th’ fern?

Sure. The Federal Minimum Wage. It makes it illegal for Americans to sell low-skill, low-value labor for what it’s actually worth. So it only makes sense that that labor would be provided in a black market for the stuff.

So, once again, stupid government policies of gratuitously meddling where the state has no business have perverse consequences. One can’t even call them unintended, since a very brief moment’s thought would reveal them to anyone of average intelligence and imagination. They were known and exposited at the time the policies were first introduced. Therefore, one must conclude that the consequences were entirely intended.

Bad intent, bad policy, what’s not to hate?

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