For Those of You In Ohio House District 1

EVERYTHING STEVE DRIEHAUS says in his current TV ad is total bullshit. In a typically — you know — Democrat kinda way. Everything he says is no doubt… weasel-wordedly accurate. But, stripped of context, it makes him sound like a staunch conservative, worthy of the votes of the rock-ribbed westerners in Cincinnati.

But… As I say: bullshit.

What you need to remember about Driehaus is that he’s a Democrat, and when the chips were down, he was on the left (wrong) side of that straight party-line vote — on the stimuli, on Obamacare, on the whole lot of the progressive programs voted on in this session of Congress.

So don’t fall for it just because he’s making all the right noises now. Remember: friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

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