For Just Five Minutes

I’D LIKE TO GET THE EAR of Antonin Scalia. Still attached to his head, preferably. See, I want to ask him:

Justice Scalia, since it’s lawful and praiseworthy — even mandatory in some circumstances — to wield force, even lethal force, in the prevention of a felony in progress, what level of force is permissible in the prevention of a violation of a provision of the Constitution — given that the authority that makes the felony a felony comes from the Constitution?

And I’d hope he’d answer the way I want, because then I’d have a Supreme Court-issued license to bitch slap these busybodies.

(Hat tip: Old Grouch)

Yeah, I’d heard about it before. Even mentioned it to my fellow criminals involved in the upscale yard sale last month. It’s just that B… er, Grouch’s post prompted me to follow suit.

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