For a Number of Years, Now

I’VE BEEN RUNNING MY MOUTH about how people need to get out of the rat race. Escape the wage-slave trap. Achieve independence of means. Become one’s own boss.

I’ve also spun a lot of pretty theories about how human commerce seems to be trending — ever so painfully slowly — toward a more natural model, where all business is done between individuals, rather than monstrous commercial edifices, where decisions are made by small, nimble, autonomous and atomic units, operating independently, but cooperating ad hoc, that the world will some day be made up of kiretsu of high tech cottage industrialists, enabled by the Internet and the leverage information technology gives the small enterprise.

Well… It’s finally time I put my mouth where my money is.

I’ve actually been working toward this all the time. I’m just not a person generally given to boastful behavior, or claiming abilities I don’t have, making promises on which I can’t deliver. So I’ve been sounding off about what I’ve been working toward, but without accomplishment of my own, there’s no point in saying, “You should be like me.” So I’ve been pointing toward an idealistic future, rather than something more concrete.

And that’s what’s changed. I’m hanging out my shingle. The business is freelance commercial writing. The first gig is writing resumes and ancilliary documents. The store is named, and it’s located at, well,

If you’re in the market for a professionally-written resume, check me out. If your friends are in the same market, give me a mention. If you are of so a mind, throw a link my way. I don’t have an ad budget yet, but I will, and obvious first markets will be those places that have already sent me traffic.

And, as the dust settles from the site construction, I’ll be ramping up the blogging there, at The Free Clinic. The topics will be economics and the employment market, on which we all have opinions, and in which we all have an interest.

Grand Opening is Sunday. Until then, we have a discounted offer. Call it an early bird special. Details on the front page.

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