Finally Finale!

Nice. What’s the asterisk?


You’re like Larry Niven’s Kzin — you always strike before you’re ready. In this case, you throw up pix and declare finishitude before you’re really done.

Well, you know. It’s like … erm, Byron, I think… said: No poem is ever finished; they’re only abandoned. Same thing with home improvement projects.

Yebbut. This one — right now, as we speak — isn’t even ready for abandoned. You just want wuffies, so you’re calling it Mission Accomplished, when in reality, you have a bunch of stuff to do yet, which you would list at the bottom of the post in mouse type with an asterisk. So I’m just axin’ ya — what’s the asterisk?

Gee, thanks.

Now you’re soundin’ like a liberal caught with his tax drawers down. Don’t deflect; answer the damned question.


There are big gaps between the back panels and the boards. I need to caulk that. I bought almond tinted caulk, but now think I should use a barn red. Toni doesn’t like all the exposed screws. I have to figure out a way to camouflage them a bit. The adjustable shelves still have to be urethaned. And, despite all my extra careful cautiously cautious caution at assembly, somehow, a couple of the standards aren’t dead parallel, and some of the adjustable shelves don’t just drop in — they have to be forced.

Happy now?


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