Feng Shui

OVER THE NEXT however long, there will be changes around here. I suspect that this blog will be turned over to rants by Dolly in-character — mostly about politics and assholes, assholes and politics, and assholes in politics.

Then, the former Dolly Apocrypha site will become my artist’s site — about my writing, illustration, design, cabinetmaking, photography, and general things of joy in life and creation.

And then again, the site you probably haven’t seen (and there’s not much there there), which is the site for my publishing imprint, Dreamflower Works, will feature the works published by Dreamflower Works. At the moment, exclusively mine.

I will also be scarfing up domains that could be seen as belonging to various trademarks. More about that as time goes on, but they’ll probably mostly just be parked on pages.

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