Fargle All This

FRITTERING CIVILITY comity and brotherhood. ::PLEAH!:: The election was stolen. Stolen by virtue of a mendacious press which never fulfilled its fiduciary obligation to the republic, stolen by virtue of racketeering and corrupt practices by Democrats and their allies (if there is ANY corruption, the WHOLE is suspect), stolen by virtue of the bald-faced LIES told by Democrats for eight years leading up to it — thus corrupting the head space of the country.

Sure McCain had to be gracious, but I don’t see any point to. Yes, Obama is my president in that he’s president-elect (so far as we know) of my country. But I don’t own him. No way. And, insofar as his public utterances lead me to believe that he intends to vitiate his oath of office — both as Senator and as President — he is to me no legitimate officeholder of my country.

But, Alger! It’s what the People want!

No, Dolly. It’s what corrupt, power-mad, evil politicians have told the impressionable and inattentive that they want. Big difference. And, to this extent, it really doesn’t matter what the People want. If the Constitution forbids it, then they have to change the Constitution first. And therefore, the whole damn megillah is corrupt, because they haven’t. As far as I’m concerned, until they (we) do bring the country back in line with constitutional principles, I’m entitled to believe they have no legitimacy.

And I refuse the obligation to be consistent about it, either.

I will resist the Democrats. I will oppose their every act. I thank GOD my Representative in Congress is still Jean Schmidt. Her opponent had the brass huevos to try to hang around her neck that shot she took at Murtha back in ’06. You know, when she forwarded a message from a constituent — a Marine — that cowards cut and run, Marines don’t. They gave Schmidt a ration of shit for that, but I applauded her for it and still do. Murtha is a time-serving, triple-dipping, rear echelon, motherfuckingcocksucker and I don’t care who knows I think it. He’s a disgrace to the uniform and I’m glad he got kicked out of the Congress. Thirty years too late, if you ask me.

But I degrease.

I intend to burn up the phone and email lines to Mrs. Schmidt’s office at every whipstitch.

Oh! And…?

Update: Um, Alger? Murtha won.

Oh, ford! That tears it! The world is over. Whatever. He’s still a triple-dipping REMFCS

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