Fargin Socialists!

DARLING RACHEL POINTS TO a story that’s been floating for a couple of days about the old lady here in the Tristate who was rousted by the bulls for keeping — and refusing to return — a football that strayed onto her property.

I agree with Rachel’s take. The parents of the kids whose football did the straying — who called the cops, fer cripessake — ought to be under arrest for filing a false report, misuse of police resources, and encouraging criminal behavior in a minor — to whit: trespassing and socialist tendencies.

And horsewhipped in the town square as a lesson for the others.

Me, I blame the teachers’ union for promulgating Dewey-ite — scorn qutoes — “progressive” nonsense instead of the proper respect for private property and the rights of others they should be teaching.

Maybe you should take heart from the fact that it was enough of an outrage to be news.

Possibly. But I get the impression that the outrage is mostly directed at the old lady whose property rights have been violated, rather than on her behalf at the miscreants who have harrassed her.

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