Everything is on Wikipedia!

THEY SAY YOU’RE NOT supposed to talk about your process on your writing blog. So I’m not. Reporting word counts on the Work In Progress doesn’t count.

By the way, the count for Wednesday, (Jan 1), on “Report From The Field” (Looking for a better title.) is 24,730. I have a very few scenes to go and this puppy is done. Thirty. Send it to print. Well, the editors.

But I was thinking about running jokes and character stuff and… In all the stories, Dolly makes allusions to photo shoots with erotic photographers, such as Bob Guccione (PBUH), Suze Randall, Helmut Newton, et. al. So it occurs to me that, maybe, they should make a Fleshlight of her. I checked on Wikipedia, and the thing was patented in 1998, the Dolly stories start out in 1999, so the fit is almost perfect. (Pun intended.)

I think I’m going to write that in somewhere.

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