Every Time One


A grand scandal is revealed, Democrats point fingers in every direction but back at themselves. They fling copious shit barrages in an attempt to deflect blame.

More-responsible people of higher integrity calmly point out that the Democrats are wrong, lying, corrupt, guilty, complicit, stupid.

The Democrats and their myrmidons in the legacy partisan press screech their denial like a troupe of bandar log in fear of a panther. “Nononono! It isn’t us! It’s them! It’s them!”

Grassroots Democrat supporters all full of arrogant smug get into barroom arguments and get their heads handed to them — all the while refusing to admit defeat. In their own minds, they are bloodied but unbowed. They fail to apprehend that they have been shown to be steeped in fallacy.

Then, sometimes long after it matters, the truth comes out. The Democrats were wrong. They were at fault. The very cause of the scandal was not only something Democrats did, but something saner people warned them not to do, lest it come acropper and they be blamed for it.

And they, invincibly arrogant, sail blithely along to their next set of rocky shoals to founder upon.

All the clearer heads are shaken in slow sadness. Folk speak in tones of wonder that human folly could be so limitless, that followers thus once burned would trust a second time, then again, and again.

And the cycle begins anew.

Every time, I keep wondering what it will take to persuade people that, though the desires of their hearts for good lead them to these bad ends, those desires could be fulfilled, if only they could open their eyes to the truth.

Some of ’em do. You hear the stories every day how, “I used to be a Democrat, but then I saw the truth.”

Yup. It’s true, Baby Doll. It’s what gives me hope for tomorrow.

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