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ABOUT THE WHOLE ITAR and the plastic pistol mess on somebody’s blog, the madder I get.

If I get this right, there’s this government law — constitutional overreach, I think — that says you can’t export certain arms. Nukes. Radar tech. Command and control systems. Which makes sense if stuff is the property of the government or intellectual property of government contractors held as official secrets. And I think that was probably the original intent.

And then we get into the unintended consequences. And you know what I think about those.

This is the danger if you let power just lie around. Sooner or later, somebody’s gonna use it. Abuse it, I mean. As the saying goes, power corrupts and power attracts the corruptible. Put the two together, you’re gonna get corruption. Oppressive behavior. Stuff you don’t want.

So these guys — doesn’t matter who, really, just sumdoods — develop a way to print a plastic pistol using a 3D printer. It’s a really clunky thing. Uglier than even a Glock. And, if I get this right, you can only fire a few rounds before it gets too dangerous to shoot. But, as the saying goes, it’s early days, yet. Given time, the bright boys will knock down the problems, one-by-one.

There is some discussion as to whether the thing even comes in for government scrutiny. After all, the Constitution guarantees both freedom of the press and the right to keep and bear arms. So, if the press manufactures a weapon, WTF business is it of the government? Seems to me that here’s the slam-dunk case for why the BATFE-I-E-I-O shouldn’t even exist. It’s entire raison d’etre is to infringe on the rights of the people and it ought to be abolished and extirpated, root and branch.

What’s that? Alcohol? Ever hear of the Ninth Amendment? The People have and assert a right to own, make, and sell booze without let or tax, and — slam dunk (or it ought to be) — that’s the end of the government’s power to do fuck-all about it. Same for the rest of it. And any proposal to the contrary amounts to war on the Constitution and is thereby treason. At least, it is the way I read the Constitution. But the Left these days is getting adept at telling you the sky is green and the grass is blue.

But, having a little expertise in this 3D thing, I can tell you this: the particular wireframe model is the LEAST important factor. The software to make a new model and the printers are all available worldwide. Which means that, even if there are technology embargos on, say, AutoCAD or 3DS Max, they’ll be obtainable on the black market. I will also bet you whatever cash I have in my pocket that, even though it was Americans who developed this first (or so they think), there are people in Manila or Islamabad, or Bangalore who are assiduously working on their own home-grown versions.

Don’t kid yourself. This IS aimed squarely at YOUR 2nd Amendment rights.

I’m also thinking it’s time we stopped enumerating the rights we claim or assert. There were even those among the founders who believed we shouldn’t have a Bill of Rights because they could anticipate idiots and tyrants saying, “It’s not in the list, so it doesn’t exist.”

Like: doesn’t it hit you like fingernails on a blackboard when Rush Limbaugh asserts that, because there’s no specifically-enumerated Right to Privacy in the BoR, that’s why Roe v. Wade is bad law and there’s no right to abortion?

(No, you can’t have a right to kill someone untrammeled, which is why there can’t be a right to abortion, because you’re infringing on somebody else’s right to life. But there IS a right to PRIVACY for grid’s sake!)


And, just because there’s no Right to Booze in the BoR, the gummint can’t limit your access or ability to afford it. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Booze ain’t on the list of things the government is allowed to muck with, so they have to keep their filthy paws OFF.

Same with guns. Same with 3D printers.

And that’s what the Ninth Amendment means. I simplify it thusly: Article 1 specifies the (limited) powers of the government. If it’s in there, it can be considered mandatory. If it’s not, it’s forbidden. Period. Discussion closed. Not up for a vote.

So we should stop talking about First or Second or Fifth Amendment rights like those articles circumscribe our rights and start referring to Ninth Amendment rights, asserting that those are unlimited and un-enumerable.

How you gonna make that stick, smartass?

Well, we start by asserting it as fact. And then we fight, inch-by-inch, until we win. Capeesh?

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