Every So Often, I Have to Get Up

IN THE MORNING and bitch-slap Al Gore.* Because I can. And because he’s so bitch-slappable. Everybody ought to try it. It’s fun and therapeutic. In fact, I find myself wondering if, now that his global warming scam is falling apart to the point he has to engage in serial straw man and ad hominem arguments THREE days a week and sometimes Fridays, Al might be open to the idea of a Bitch-Slap Al franchise. As a way to keep the wolf from the door.

But he’s so bitch-slappable. And he’s been gettin’ pretty uppity here lately. For such a monumental loser.

I mean, he flunked out of — not one, not two, but — THREE institutions of higher learning, the last one being — for Christ’s sake — divinity school. Isn’t that one step above flunking out of teacher’s college? (Except for Jesuit divinity school, ’cause those guys kick ASS.)

And — I also mean — he has been wrong about Every. Single. Question. Of. Public. Policy. Since his dad voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (When Al was all of 16 and attending St. Albans. Where, Wikipedia reports, he graduated 25th of a class of 51.)

(I didn’t do much better, I should ad, in all honesty, being something like 175 of a class of 350 or so, albeit from a superior school to St. Albans, but I’m not presuming to tell the world how to run its lives — only to get the fuck out of MINE.)

And he’s wrong — at the top of his voice — on the question of climate change. (To paraphrase RAH: Climate is change. Therefor, the notion of climate change being an exceptional trend, or one that man can affect (or effect) is arrant witlessness.) So, instead of engaging in Reasoned Discourse, he seeks to demonize his opponents, and agitate that they should be shunned by polite society, ostracized, and even imprisoned in Soviet-style insane asylums as unfit for humanity.

As Steven Hayward observes at PowerLine, Gore has long exhibited a fascistic — even totalitarian — streak, one that brooks no criticism.

So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind the public at large not to give Gore too much credit. (I.e.: any at all.) He is, after all, the perennial loser with the anti-midas touch.

And I’m so glad he invented the Internet. Otherwise, smarter people, such as Robert Kahn and Vincent Cerf and Bob Metcalf and Leonard Kleinrock and David Mills and Tim Berners-Lee and the proverbial All-Star Cast of Thousands wouldn’t have had to take time from their busy work schedules to do it for him.

Just thought you might like to know.

* In the HIGH calling of our Daily Work.

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