Even Realizing the Necessity

I FIND THE WHOLE debate-and-vote process surrounding the Republican dismemberment of Obamacare somewhat unseemly. It is a very ugly process. And so unnecessary. The idealist in me shudders at the fundamentally dishonest realpolitik that requires a continued fight against an obdurate opponent, like Jackson at the Battle of new Orleans, weeks after the peace accord had been signed in Europe. (Except Jackson didn’t know the war was won.) The law is unconstitutional. The courts have said so. It is, ipso facto null and void. No American is bound to obey it. You may safely and lawfully cock the snook at any Federal underling who dares to try and enforce it — calling him criminal for the attempt.

But the Democrats refuse to accept the ruling — waiting, they insist, for the Supreme Court to rule in the matter. (But what if SCOTUS denies cert? What then?) Where are the contempt citations? Why are not Kathleen Sibelius and other officials being frog-marched from their offices in handcuffs, under charges of gross contempt of court?

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