USED TO DO these every day. Been a LONG, long time. Despite all the problems they cause for deep linkers, I may go back to doing them. I like the semi-random juxtaposition.

THE RIGHT — of whatever stripe — MUST become the party of “Oh, HELL no!” Fuck the Democrats and their whining. They’re the ones breaking the law. When you say “No” to lawbreakers, you’re not being negative, you’re being as positive as you can get.

YOU DO NOT have the constitutional right to go faster than anyone else. Traffic laws are not an infringement on your civil liberties. They are the state, as owner of the roads, exercising property rights. Get over yourself; obey traffic laws. And certainly don’t bitch when others do, no matter how badly inconvenienced it makes you feel.

IF YOU SUPPORT in any way the Democrat party, you are pretty much an enemy of the people. If you don’t like the name, don’t play the game.

MOODY BLUES at the PNC Pavilion tonight. Not going. Need my beauty sleep. May stop down t’ the venue to visit in the afternoon, though. Toni has tickets. Temp should be in the ’90s with humidity to match. Perfect weather for a shed show.

SOMETIMES I WONDER …I mean… I love the Constitution and believe it was the greatest thing up until sliced bread. But, really. When you stop and think about it: Congress? How smart is a system that’s designed to be run by a committee?

LIBERALISM REALLY does come from Bizarro World. The Left believe that we — with centuries or millennia of known reserves — are nevertheless at peak oil and must do increible social contortions to stop using the stuff. At the same time, they don’t seem to get that Other People’s Money is a finite resource, and instead believe that our governments have to spend our way out of our particular case of being broke.

Sure. That couldn’t make more sense.

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