THIS IS ANOTHER TRADITION of mine. In fact, at one time, in the mid-oughts, it was my default post style. Kind of an Instapundit links-fest crossed with Tam’s tab clearing. I call it Ellipses for the fact that the context is elliptical, and the content is often elided.

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SO IF YOU GET REALLY bored, just tune me out for a minute.

Sarah Hoyt managed to help me through a major thorny thicket in this blog post Tuesday. I need to work through this myself, and the easiest way is to pass the lesson on. You know, the old Med-school thing — see one, do one, teach one. If you get it wrong, you can unpack it and see where. If you get it right, the process helps reinforce the lesson.

APPARENTLY some good advice at the link that I could never find the time or attention to devote to a full-bore blog post.

Still in all, please to note the emphasis on the reader. A lot of the rhetoric being tossed around with such gay abandon here of late is focused on the writers and the agents and the publishers — oh, my! — and allows slip the mind the basic fact of ANY market. And that is that the market exists for the benefit of the buyer. The customer. The trade. In our case, the reader. As Heinlein said, you’re competing for beer money. If you don’t satisfy a need, you will go hungry. Pretty simple, really.

WHAT WAS THE PRESENT that Drummond tried to give Dolly in Chapter One of It’s Dolly’s Birthday?

I’m thinking engagement ring. That’s fraught.

Typefaces I like. Because.

Della Robbia
Goudy Old Style
Venetian 301

Yes, I am a career graphics nerd. Thirty years, man and boy. Why do you ask?

Read this blog post.

Maybe this weekend.

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