STOLEN FROM MYSELF in the comments to this post over t’ Og’s.

People need to stop ascribing intelligence to glib one-trick ponies whose sole accomplishment is to bullshit people even stupider than they are.

Anyone who embraces socialism — even understanding that his own personal aggrandisement will be short-lived and far less than he could have earned by more legitimate means — is ipso facto a moron.

I agree with Og that Obama’s elevation to high office will, in future moments of sanity (may they come sooner than later), be seen as a great tragedy for the black race. Insofar as a man’s race matters, and the accomplishments of one man — earned or not — can be transferred unearned to a group (to which, it should be pointed out, he himself has at best a tenuous connection), Barack Obama has set back the accomplishments of his father’s race millennia.

One should thank God, therefor, that the above situation obtains only in the fantasies of racialist hustlers and poverty pimps — and guilt-ridden white limousine liberals. In reality, individual accomplishments inhere to only the individuals whose deeds they illuminate. The race of the individual who encompasses these deeds is the least relevant factor in assessing their value. Or ought to be. As I say, in future moments of sanity.

And one should thank God that, if it matters what race they are, there are black men and women — individuals all — of accomplishments to beggar Obama’s meager resume. May one of them some day rise to preside over a color-blind America.

I THINK I MAY REPEAT myself, but then again, it must bear repeating: Lord Acton got it half right. Power does corrupt. But, then again, it tends to attract the corruptible. I believe that no truly honest man should ever desire power over others. I say I believe that because I cannot prove the assertion universally true, though neither can I think of a single, countervailing example.

JOE’S GUN CARTOON of the day features an imaginary out message from the NRA…

You have reached the National Rifle Association. Press 1 if a distraught stock trader has gone on a shooting rampage. Press 2 if a white supremacist has done a drive-by shooting, rageting an ethnic group. Press 3 if a child has taken a semi-automatic to school and shot other students.

All of which selections would — in a just world — elicit a further message on all lines…

We are sorry. We really are. Had you been armed at this time, you might have had a chance to defend yourself and other, innocent life from these acts of predation. However, your elected leaders — for whom you voted — believe that you are safer (to them) if you are not able to resist their predations (under color of law), and that your helplessness in the face of criminals and other predators is ( ::shrug:: ) just collateral damage. Next time, consider your vote more carefully. Defend your civil rights, don’t vote for gun-banning politicians. Meantime, our best suggestion is you sit down, bend forward with your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye. And, as you pass the gates of hell — treading that smooth, wide highway, paved as it is with the “good” intentions of liberals, remember to thank the masons who paved it. The blood of innocents is on their hands.

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