Easy from Now On

OR, AS THOSE of a certain age might know it, Quarter Moon in a Ten-Cent Town.

Been listening to it in the Emmylou Harris incarnation from 1978 — on the album of the same name.

And it occurred to me on listening this morning to a silver-haired Emmylou singing, “Don’t worry ’bout me, I’ve got a wild-card up my sleeve.” that there will come a time in the Dolly-Drummond story arc when those lines will make a kind of a heartbreaking sense. Not telling you when or why, just that they will. The few of you out there who’ve read parts of the Omega Trilogy know what I’m talking about.

Raw as a whip but clean as bone
Soft to the touch when you take me home
When the mornin’ comes and it’s time for me to leave
Don’t worry ’bout me, I got a wild card up my sleeve

It’s gonna be easy to fill
The heart of a thirsty woman
Harder to kill the ghost of a no good man
And I’ll be ridin’ high in a fandangled sky
It’s gonna be easy, It’s gonna be easy
It’s gonna be easy from now on

If you’re not familiar, but at all inclined to appreciate bluegrass, you could do a lot worse than to introduce yourself to the lady’s work.

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