Drinking the Nyquil

I’M NOT EXACTLY THE BEST person to give advice on blogging. After all, I’ve been at it for eight years this month, and — check it out — still triple-digit traffic. Weekly. But I would offer this one: if you have a brand, you owe it to yourself — and the brand — to have your own storefront. Yes, it’s wonderful to have a forum with wider circulation than you could get on your own to showcase your stuff. But at the same time, you should make a place that’s yours and yours alone. Get your own blog.

I’m talking to YOU, Robin of Berkeley. Who gets more traffic for a single essay than I get in a month of frantic blogging.

Who has coined a phrase worthy of wide and far distribution.

Drinking the Nyquil


We in the Right have long spoken of Drinking the Kool-Aid for senseless loayalty to an apparently suicidal ideological sticking point — a sly reference to the Jonestown suicides of Jim Jones’s cult followers. The cyanide-laced Kool-Aid will kill you quick, but you are forced by your beliefs to drink it nonetheless.

But the Nyquil doesn’t kill you. It merely dulls your senses, makes you dopey and amotivational, and colors your world-view.


But get a blog.

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