Don’t Sugar Coat It

SOME CHOICE RANTS in the ‘sphere this Sunday.

Eternity Road co-conspirator Chris Muir turns in a stellar rant by his character Damon. Ever since Our Curmudgeon announced Chris’s addition to the roster at ER, I’ve been wondering what Mr. Muir might have to say when he steps out from behind the gang at Day by Day. I suspect this one might be a clue.

Brigid, at Home on the Range, answers the eternal question — prompted by her description of a HOTR man — how do you spot a Home On The Range woman? HOT-chaaa!

That’s not really a rant.

True. At least, not in the sense of being semi-deranged. But then, it surely is heart-felt.

And good-old Ragin’ Dave tees off on the M-16/M4. (Frank James has a few choice words on the same topic, inspired by the same report from the sandbox.Frank’s a bit more measured than Dave, but I can imagine he’s about as pissed neveretheless.

Me, I don’t have the throw weight to really comment, except to say I’ve always wondered how sensible using a round with a cross section under a quarter-inch could possibly be effective in combat. Yeah, they say you can carry SO MUCH more ammo than with .30 cal. Yeah, they say most rounds fired in combat A) never connect anyway and 2) serve to make the other guy keep his head down. But… jeeze! There’s a reason Kim du Toit calls it a poodle shooter. (And, I should probably point out, refers to miniature or toys, because a standard poodle might keep comin’ at ya. Might even be a tad annoyed that you shot him with such a puny round — as that old joke goes.)

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