Don’t Get Cocky, Kid


Why? A “demonstration”? Is that with the purpose in mind of influencing votes? By… what? Intimidation? “Vote the way we want you to, or we’ll mob you?” To… play games with the vote at the polls? Maybe try to vote using “provisional ballots” in the hopes that at least some unlawfully-cast ballots will escape notice? Maybe enough to swing the election?

Isn’t there a reason why electioneering is outlawed?

The public employee unions spent millions of their members’ dues — taken by force, it should be noted, from workers whose interests the unions purport to represent. To little effect.

They report a 119% turnout in Madison. If that’s true, it represents massive fraud. And the Democrats bussed in supporters from out-of-state.

Win at any cost? By any means necessary? (Who defines “necessary”?) The ends justify the means? Might makes right?

You! The liberal in the back! And by you, this is OK?

Where laws have been changed to disable the mechanisms by which union dues were extracted from public employee pay by withholding, voluntary dues contribution to unions have plummetted. Which should give you an idea of what the actual members of the unions think of their organizations — in private, without the intimidating factor of the union steward or the publicity of the union hall. This tracks with private-sector experience.

Democrats have fought this de-unionization tooth and claw, while the union members themselves have supported it.

And you never wonder why your party is increasingly marginalized?

Do you think the country is well-served by a single-party system? And yet, by you it’s OK that your party is so corrupt that the overwhelming majority of Americans reject it and everything its stands for — good and bad? Leaving them no choice but to vote for the other party, the “Not Democrat”? By you this is OK?


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