USUALLY ALGER DOESN’T let me do these things. He’ll catch me doing something he thinks is — scorn quotes — “cute” and tell y’all about it. But this time, I just came up with these all on my ownsome, whilst I was reading something written by the twisted knickers set. (Won’t do THAT again!)

The author was was going on about the Society for the Betterment of Our Lessers and the Benighted Idiots Relief Fund or whatever and it occurred to me that what you really have here is the American Alliance of Busybodies (AAB) and the League of People with Too Much Time on Their Hands (LPWTMTTH). Practice it. You’ll soon be able to rattle it off your tongue like En-double-ay-el-cee-pee. El-Pee-Dubya-Tee-Em-Teetee-Aitch. It’ll grow on you.

Meantime, watch out for those sorts. They’ll ruin your day right quick.

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