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STUPID QUESTION? — from Megan McArdle (whom I liked a lot better as Jane Galt) …

Do We Really Need to Raise Taxes to Close the Deficit?

Even before reading the article — which one presumes answers the question in the negative — one has to wonder: how little attention does one have to have paid to this subject not to know that there is no way on God’s paisley earth that we can ever close the deficit with taxes? All you have to do is realize that, if we taxed all of the wealth and income of every single human being in this country, it would JUST barely cover the budget for one year. And, of course, when you do that, it’s over. There won’t be a next year.

This is known to thinking people as a reductio ad infinitum — taking the concept to the limit. Of course, when the Left does it, it’s a reductio ad absurdam, Latin for “Don’t make me laugh.”

As it turns out, once I read the article, McArdle manages to surprise with another gleaming bon mot of stupidity.

Democrats have been hoping that some way, somehow, they were going to get to close the budget deficit with nothing beyond symbolic tinkering with entitlements, and maybe some deep defense cuts. The Ryan plan is basically attempting to flush Democrats into the open: force them to embrace the fairly massive tax hikes that would be necessary to achieve even medium-term balance.

But I don’t think that it’s correct that Democrats simply need to outline their own spending cuts. First, it would be equally true to say that the GOP simply needs to start outlining its preferred tax hikes, except for the fact that they really don’t want to. Obviously the budget problems get a lot easier to solve if we assume that one side simply capitulates to the other side’s demands, but this is not a very helpful starting assumption.

Fuck helpful. Fuck compromise. Fuck everybody gets a piece of the action. Fuck go-along-to-get-along. The Democrats are wrong. They have been wrong at the top of their lungs for over a hundred years. They have put the country into this shithole. The whole country knows it. The Democrats and their master/myrmidons in the unions and the chattering classes have resisted all attempts to inject sense into the discussion. They have poo-pooed all forewarnings and foreknowledge of their bitter, dismal failures at every turn. They have refused to accept the verdict of history, of elections, of law. They have lied, cheated, stolen, murdered, and committed treason to get their way.

Get this: fuck that. They can go to Hell for all we’re concerned. If the Democrats to not want to capitulate to common sense, the law, and fair play, then we’ll just simply. Fucking. Steamroller them.

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