Does It Seem to Anyone Else

AS IT DOES TO ME that Obama’s seeming addicition to the use of a TelePrompTer is of a piece with other leftist behaviors? Not sure? Let’s try this:

Leftists seem (incidentally, my generation — the Baby Boomers — is often tagged with this unfairly, I think it’s a leftist thing more than a generational one) to want the rewards without the effort it takes to earn them. This mindset is why satin tour jackets were so popular awhile back and why athletic team jackets still are: you get to have the trappings of glory without the sweat.

This is why you see so many leftists in looter jobs — jobs on the public dole, or political sinecures (Michelle Obama, call your office) with meaningless titles and no job descriptions (and no real productive output). And this is why you hear leftists ranting against capitalists and businesspeople. Those people earn their money, and provide real value to the general public. If they became examples to that public, why then, their methods might become required of all who seek success, and how would that make the looters and poseurs look?

So here’s this lightweight, this dilettante, who has glided easily on his pedigree and no accomplishments to the pinacle of power. Why should he put forth the effort of a Demosthenes or a Churchill to become a great orator? Why, when he can appear to be slick and polished with the crutch provided by his TelePrompTer?

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