Do You Wonder Why The Warmistas

FREAK OUT WHEN you offer any substantive challenge to the notion of catastrophic anthropological global warming?

In the usual history of science accounts, it’s not supposed to happen this way. Roemer had performed an impeccable experiment, with a clear prediction, yet Europe’s astronomers still did not accept that light traveled at a finite speed. Cassini’s supporters had won: the official line remained that the speed of light was just a mystical, unmeasurable figure; that it should have no impact on astronomical measurements.

— David Bodanis, E=MC2

Roemer, it should be noted, was right. Cassini was wrong. describes an “urban legend” as an apocryphal (of questionable authenticity), secondhand story, told as true and just plausible enough to be believed, about some horrific…series of events….it’s likely to be framed as a cautionary tale. Whether factual or not, an urban legend is meant to be believed. In lieu of evidence, however, the teller of an urban legend is apt to rely on skillful storytelling and reference to putatively trustworthy sources.

I contend that the belief in human-caused global warming as a dangerous event, either now or in the future, has most of the characteristics of an urban legend. Like other urban legends, it is based upon an element of truth.

Dr. Roy Spencer, Official Climatologist
of the EIB Network

The politically-connected James Hansen (not, incidentally, a climatologist) proposes a conjecture — not even rigorous enough to be called a hypothesis — and, with virtually no supporting evidence, his notion is accepted as sufficient to turn the world’s economies upside-down and inside-out.

Less well-connected scientists, not operating outside their fields of expertise, but using actual data, demur and are demonized by Hansen’s political supporters.

As the line goes, if you’d listen, history wouldn’t have to keep repeating itself.

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