“Democrats Call the Hearings

POLITICAL THEATER”, referring to the Gunwalker hearings in Congress. With the track record that claim has, I would say it’s political kabuki. Republicans raise substantive charges of corruption against Democrats. (cha-cha-cha) Democrats claim the charges are “old news | political theater | motivated by personal animus | a private matter”. (two-and-three-and) The stall works and the thing dies of its own inertia, or the Democrat gets away with a slap on the wrist, or a Democrat executive pardons the miscreant, but the bottom line is the crime goes unpunished. (five-six-seven-eight) And, years later, on a late night talk show, the miscreant admits, “Yeah. We did that. And we got away with it. Ha-ha-ha.”

The lesson? Being a Democrat is prima facie evidence of bad faith. Don’t trust Democrats without three independent, corroborating sources. And never — EVER — fall for their delaying tactics.

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