Deepwater Horizon as Katrina

OR SO IT APPEARS one media template is going. Now, you KNOW I’m thinking, “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy” and “Now the shoe’s on the other foot.” And stuff the like.

But I’d like to adduce another lesson, if I may. Instead of beating the governors about the head and shoulders with a bladder for the government’s pitifully inadequate response, why not admit that, in these cases, government is really the wrong tool? Too blunt. Too large scale. Disasters look big from a distance, but they’re really all personal. Individual. And, as we saw from Katrina, it is the individual, voluntary response that is the most effective.

Of course, that means you expect Democrats to draw appropriate lessons from history.

Um… yeah.

That said, it really is pitiful that Obama couldn’t bear to get the DOD on the case any sooner. I’d be willing to bet that, somewhere in Northern Command, somebody was pulling plans off the shelf and spooling up the engines on the appropriate response vehicles, just waiting for National Command Authority to get on the stick.

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