Dear Senators Brown & Voinovich


I am writing to urge you in the strongest possible terms to not support any of the bills currently being bruited about by the majority leadership as being for “health care reform.”

The first — and most dispositive — argument against the bill(s) is that there is no constitutional mandate for Congress to address the issue at all. And, as the Tenth Amendment instructs, what is not mandatory is forbidden.

But second, the reforms as proposed utterly fail to address the real issues at hand and — indeed — exacerbate the problems they feign to address.

There is a bill being written about (I have not seen the actual text yet myself) that does offer promise of real, substantive and positive reform. It was written about Thursday in Investors Business Daily, but I’m sure that the GOP House leadership can provide you with a copy — if they haven’t already.

THIS appears to be the program which should have been pursued all along. I urge you to do everything in your power to block the bill passed in the House on Saturday (and anything like it), and support the bill the Republicans in the House have put forth.

Warmest regards,

Mark Alger

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