Dear Senator Rockefeller

JAY, YOU IGNORANT slut. (A little SNL pop-culture reference for you, there).

What part of “Congress shall make no law” escapes your apprehension?

If you make ANY attempt to vitiate the free press rights of ANY purveyor of news, whether you approve of them or not, WE WILL FIX YOU!

Trust me. It’s true. We will campaign against you when next you have a primary. We will campaign against you in the general. We will BURY your office with mail and phone protests. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR IN OFFICE.

Most sincerely, albeit enraged,
Mark Alger

P.S. I know you like to hide behind your “inability” to respond to anyone but “your constituents” — being West Virginians. That’s OK, I don’t really want a response. But even you should realize how vacant that stance is. You’re not my Senator — thank God. Which would be just fine and dandy if what you did to corrupt your office posed no threat to me. Problem is (and this should be obvious), the opposite is the case. What you do has immense power to foul up my life. Accordingly, I have every right to get in your face and tell you what a despicable moral cretin you are. Have a nice day.

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