Dear Senator Landrieu

WELL DONE! I hear $100million is a pretty high price for whore. Good on ya!

Update: The Lousiana Purchase, as they’re calling it, now. A promise to spend the taxpayer’s money in order to win over a single vote on a bill the overwhelming majority of the country thinks is a stinker. And that’s just the cloture vote — not the actual passage of the bill.

Two things occur to me:

First, that the Democrats really don’t care about the appearance of impropriety, and this vote buy ought to be thrown back in their faces and and every time they try to fly that old canard. At least (so far) Mary Landrieu is an honest politician in that, once bought, she stays bought. So far: it never pays to underestimate the perfidy of a Democrat politician.

Second, that the Democrats — at least the leadership — think a) America’s loyalty can be bought cheap and b) we have a short memory. They must not really fear the ballot box next November all that much. Or they undersestimate the current groundswell of public opinion against them, because they have never seen the like. It never pays to underestimate the stupidity of any politician, Democrat or not.

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