Dear Mrs. Schmidt

I AM WRITING TO URGE you NOT to vote for Speaker Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling. I do not understand where Washington hascome by this mindset that, in order to cure the pathologies induced by government profligacy, we need to keep running up a never-ending tab. The House was returned to Republican control last November in order that you might CUT the size and scope of government, not saddle We The People with more of it. There should be no increase of the debt ceiling — with or without spending cuts. We do not want more debt. But, in any case: Cut. Spending. It really is that simple. And we don’t want to hear that “You don’t understand how Washington works.” Washington needs to understand this: cut spending. Cut. Spending. CutSpending. How many more ways does it need to be said? CUT. SPENDING.

All the best,
Mark Alger

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