Dear Congressman

IN COMMENTS to a constituent (?) at a townhall meeting, Rep. Cantor revealed a deep misunderstanding of what was afoot on November 2. We don’t want repeal of merely the most odious provisions of Obamacare. We want the whole thing ripped out, root and branch, and the earth sown with salt. If necessary, a constitutional amendment forbidding Congress from EVER meddling in medicine again. No. Half. Measures. Congress does not have the authority to deal with the matter, and such must be recognized, or there will be yet more blood on the ballots.

Mark my words.

Later in the day, Cantor’s office issued a denial, stating that the Republican position remains full repeal, which mends half of the fault. There still needs to be a recognition, and acknowledgement, and a foundation in principle that the reason the act was unconstitutional in the first place was not a matter of this detail or that, but of the basic concept: Congress does not have the lawful authority to legislate in the matter.

Until that happens, the Republican leadership remains in the wrong, and there remains further pruning work to be done in Congress.

But we knew that all along, didn’t we?

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