Day’s Work


Worked from Noon til two-thirty, from 5:00-6:15 or so then from 8:30 to 9:30 -ish.

Added interstices to start Part 2. Split final courtroom scene between Part 1 and Part2, pulled scene in courthouse rotunda into part 2, as well as the confrontation at the ECOA Admin building. Picked up prologue material from a wild fragment entitled “Dolly’s Perspective on the World,” altered it a bit to make it more relevant-seeming to what’s to come, added some foreshadowing.

New work: Part 2, Act IV, Scene 3. Following on to Flattery’s promise to treat Dolly and Drummond to lunch, he takes them (somewhere unspecified) and D&D ambush Flattery with an offer. He accepts. 4 pages of new material.

New work: Part 2, Act IV, Scene 4. In part the confrontation-at-the-admin-bldg scene, altered to suit the new plot. Four pages of old material, ten of new.

Total for the day: 14 pages of new material — 3,500 words.

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