Da Doll

HAVE TO AGREE WITH The News Junkie at Maggie’s that this article by John Hawkins at Town Hall is or ought to be a candidate for the best short essay of 2013. We all know it, but Hawkins ‘splains WHY liberalism is on the wrong side of… well, everything.


AS INSTY PUT IT if you’re concerned about income inequality, consider the gap between DC and the districts. Panem indeed.


COULD EVER POSSIBLY not face plant in the shit is if it were mandatory — required by law. And even then, dumb-insolent resistance may bring it down. The Potemkin website lies try desperately to plaster over the fact that Obamacare is an utter failure. But all the lipstick in the world ain’t gonna turn this overgrown porker into Miss Piggy. And people can see it. Could see it coming a long way off.

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