Cut Approximately

120 PAGES from Armed Citizen (of 140-odd) over the weekend. Saved the new file as version 7 (Since 2000). What I’ve done is kept the opening scene and just lopped off the rest. I’m intending to re-draft the story, taking it on the new course(s) I’ve been working out in my head. Most of this is the fleshing out of various notions I sketched out during the last beta, back in 2009. The skeleton of the story as it stood then will remain, with additional scenes, plot arcs, and character development. Eventually, the story will be totally restructured — from a five-act story, resembling a teleplay in structure, to a novel of about 110-120 thousand words.

I hope.

And participants in that most-recent beta will recognize the original story buried in there, but — I hope — will find the expanded story more satisfying.

We’ll see.

Starting … well … now, I’ll be sketching in the new plot elements in single-line statements that might resemble logline-style chapter headings. Then, I’ll go through and write the scenes.

Readers of Geppetto’s Log, meantime, will recognize the fractal reiteration method of plotting.

With any luck, and maybe a bit of good management, I’ll finish within the year.

We’ll see.

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