Could it be… SATAN??

GLEN BECK IS RANTING this morning about his “perfect storm” of political and economic disaster. OK. Suppose he’s right. How did it happen, despite all those who took charge saying “Oh, no, no. It won’t happen here.” Because they’d a plan, you see…?

Just a random brain-fart, here.

Let’s assume it’s no accident. Let’s assume things were meant to work out something like this. Let’s assume that somebody deliberately threw the world into a depression in order to slow, stop, or reverse economic and population growth because A) they believe the overpopulation and AGW myths and-slash-or 2) they think it’s a road to power.

Round up the usual suspects.

How does that do as a working hypothesis? How will America go? (After all, one assumes that, once again, America will be the one place where freedom — reeling as it may be — stands tall enough to arm and bankroll the resistance.) How does China resemble Japan ca 1930? How does Russia resemble Germany in the same period? How does Iran resemble Italy a few years earlier?

Or is there a different set of lessons we’re about to be taught by history that will not be denied?

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