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SEEMS A LITTLE ODD… As Joe observes one of the more common tactics street thugs will use to get inside your defensive perimeter is to ask for “spare change.” Stopping to give it to them is a good way to get mugged. I always burn them off.

Every once in awhile, the bad guys will try the wrong target. And, most times, the bad guy is lucky enough to survive the encounter.

I’ve always believed that, when rights are in conflict, the aggressor is in the wrong. The person who’s just going along — fat, dumb and happy — minding his own business, when attacked, can be presumed to be the injured party, no matter the “provocation” asserted by the instigator.

And, yet… Most polities have laws against the use of weapons in self-defense — as a precautionary measure, we are assured — but no particular laws against begging.


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