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IT IS A VIOLATION of both constitutional principle and statute law (18 USC§241) to conspire against civil rights.

The Supreme Court has just recently and once again acknowledged that to keep and bear arms (including firearms) is a protected individual right.

Nanny Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns amounts to a conspiracy against civil rights, which makes him a fugitive from justice, on a federal felony count.

Further, to do so under color of law aggravates matters. (18 USC§242) And, should death eventuate due to this violation, the defendant may be sentenced to death. If Nanny Bloomberg denies one citizen his rights under the Second Amendment and that citizen is rendered defenseless and dies in the face of aggression or predation, the little Hitler wannabe might find himself on a gurney with a drip feed taped to his arm.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Sic Semper Tyrannes.

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