#Civility Watch

THE RECENT EPISODE in which a putative man verbally attacked Bristol Palin in a bar brings to mind the Left’s stalking-horse call for civility. (I say “stalking-horse” because they do not desire civility so much as they seek to stifle dissent against their point of view.)

And you wonder how this coarseness in civil society came about. And I am forced to remark that the reason transgressors continue to transgress is that they got away with it the first n times.

In days of yore, a boor making such remarks in public (and in the presence of a lady) would have had the crap beaten about him by any and every red-blooded male in the vicinity. Which beating would have been held to be justified because what the man said constitutes “fighting words,” to be perceived as legally equivalent to a physical threat.

Would it be disingenuous of me to ask, “When did that change?”

Of course it would.

Instead, let me point out that there is a very straight, very short line from there to elected officials calling for a suspension of elections. Let there be no doubt about it, this is not due to violence or threat on the part of the opposition. No. It is due entirely to the existence of opposition at all.

Where’s your line in the sand? How long will you allow yourself, your family, and your future to be held hostage to the … flexible … notions of civility held on the Left?

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