Cheap at Twice the Price

DAFFYD AB HUGH speculates on — possibly — why Chris Christie might not want to run for President — ever.

But perhaps there is a more disturbing reason. Yesterday, Department of Justice investigators outed Christie as the U.S. Attorney who most abused his travel allowance:

And there are several figures quoted. It seems Christie spent more than allowed on hotel accomodations. The one reason give in a particular case was the hotel he stayed at was where he was giving a speech. Thus, presumably, saving cost of transportation, as well as time.

And to me, this sounds exactly the same as the issue of auto execs flying in bizjets to hearings in DC.

What is a US Attorney’s time worth to the taxpayers?

(And trust me, it’s a LOT more than just his base salary and benefits.)

So, how much is it worth in increased hotel costs (cheap, as I say, at twice the price) to save the USA’s time?

But there you’re expecting government green-eyeshade types to think like businessmen, balancing costs and benefits, rather than ticking off boxes on a list of rules to be followed out the window.

And the downside to that is…?

Oh, no downside. Just an unrealistic expectation.

Maybe we need to get a bit more unrealistic on Washington’s ass?

Mebbe so, Alger. Mebbe so.

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