NOT ONLY POSTED on Caturday (albeit barely), but also taken on Caturday — mostly.

This is Loki. He looks sweet and innocent, but he be king of gettin’ inta shit.

Rommie and Belle had fun watching birds today. Belle makes this noise in her throat that sounds like a flock of birds chattering in the distance. I think it’s auditory camouflage. “Oh, no. There’s no cat here. Just a bunch of birds.”

All of the cats hate the flash, but I wasn’t flashing here. Siamon is just camera-shy, I guess.

Cats sleep 20 hours a day, you know. This is Siamon, Murphy, and Rommie on the orange chair in the living room.

Belle. “Watch the birdie, Belle!”

My Rom-doll. She’s hard to photograph, because her coat is so dark. I’ve discovered a trick that helps. She is very sweet-natured. Not nearly so evil as her markings make her expression seem.

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