Caturday Post

SORRY, NO PIX at the moment. Interactions with new kittens have mostly been in places cameras don’t work well, like the living room, and doing things it’s hard to get pictures of, like having one purring on your chest while you’re watching TV.

BUT… The kittens are in for their checkup and first news is they are gaining weight. Elwood is up to 2# 15 oz — a 3oz gain. Jane is up to 2# 15oz also — a 2oz gain. And Taz is up to 2″ 2oz — a 3oz gain. We were wondering about Taz. It’s so hard to judge without objective measurement (like a scale). But he IS gaining, and that is good.

They’ll be seeing the doctor later on today. Fingers crossed, but I’m betting they’ll be fine. At home, they’re all alert and kitten-bouncy, cold-nosed, and bright-eyed. Their coats are, well, fuzzy, ’cause they’re kittens, but they’re clean and shiny, all indicators of good health. I’m not worried.

Update: OK. I lied. Here’s a pic of Loki and Sky chaffering in the front doorway last weekend. The situation is more playful than this looks, although there was some kitty smack-talk exchanged during the bout.

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