Caturday Comes Early

THIS WEEK because, as Big Dick says, I can.

First, Aqua. Bebbeh grrl kitteh.

I warned Toni that Aqua Cat sounds like an Anime character, but she wasn’t having any of it. We’ll see.

As you may guess, it’s new-kitten time. This time, Toni is picking from a litter we knew about before Mama (Isabel) delivered. One boy, one girl. She called Sunday while I was at the Tea Party and asked if she could get two. Heh. As the line goes around here, “Are they cute?”

And some health news. Both Loki and Oliver are in hospital. They’re getting permanent pedicures. We tried very hard to put it off indefinitely, but the risks to life and limb (not to mention the furniture) were getting too great. One night recently, Loki raked my back trying to get into the bed. I could have as easily been lying on the other side and gotten it in the face. Toni’s a heart patient and on blood thinners. An unnoticed cut could be very dangerous and, even when noticed, they bleed a lot and take a long, painful time to heal.

They boys are just too rambunctious and Loki is too clumsy. ::sigh::

We’re really worried about Loki in long convalescence. He does not take to being confined. When he was younger, he did a very credible impression of Taz the Tasmanian Devil character in the Warner Brothers cartoons any time he was left in a cage. Here lately, he’s been a bit better behaved, but only a bit. We’re afraid that his cage rage will necessitate his being sedated, will lengthen his convalescence, and that experience will scar his little psyche and he’ll come out of the thing a different kitty — possibly one who’s not quite so sweet and goofy.

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