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They Mean to Break Your Spirit

SINCE TUESDAY NIGHT I’ve been trying to maintain an even strain, not obsessing over counts, not clicking the update button every five seconds. But it’s hard. It’s plainly obvious that the Democrats a being true to type in trying to steal the election — as they say — “By any means necessary.” The media is not giving an inch. They are trying to dispirit the opposition to the theft. It’s not working, but they will keep grinding it until they win or we kick their asses.

There is however, hope in the darkness. A site called “The Donald” is out there and reporting on the fighting. There doesn’t seem to be much movement in either legal fights or official election calls, but there is more on the ground than the MSM is allowing to be reported.

And, we need to start thinking NOW (well, twenty years ago, but let’s be real) about what happens after we win. Me, I’d say the Democrat machine needs to be the target of RICO investigations and prosecution. Yes, they will whinge about how this will have a chilling effect on their right to free speech. So we don’t go after them for what they say, but for what they DO. And, if the end result is that the Democrat party is burned to the waterline, THIS patriot will not be concerned.