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A Joke

LOOK DOWN YOUR SHIRT and count to ten.


Really? Most people only have two.

Dolly, you do have a low sense of humor.

Really? I’m just the mailman.


You write ’em; I deliver ’em


IS A VERY DOLLY thing to do.


This week’s ladyshots found at Good Shit.

What Do You Care? You Never Comment; You Never Call; You Never Show Up

09-1022216086TWET AND HUNGRY at my door on a hot summer night. So why should it matter to you whether we run bewbage on this blog?

I seem to recall doing that once.

Not for to me you never.

Oh, no.It was Drummond. ‘Smatter fact, it’s in the book you’re writing right now, innit?

I do believe you’ve called it, Dolly.

Well, there you go.

So I have to imagine it to make it happen?

Pretty much.



I’m imaginin’.

Nobody Reads This Blog Anyway

SO DOLLY AND I say, “To Hell with it! We’re running bewbs!”

What!? A girl can’t like bewbage?

09-1022129588TThis one makes me think of Cally. (The driver.)