Category Error of the Week Compartment

WELL, NO, NOT REALLY. I have heard — even repeated it myself — this little bon mot from a number of sources over a period of years, so it’s hardly confined to this week: The World is Run by the People Who Show Up.

The problem with it is the embedded presumption that, Because They Show Up, Government gets to Run the World.

Not. So.

In this country, at least, it is recognized that Government Running the World is a.k.a. Made of Fail. The concept of Self Governance demands that the Self have the space to Govern itself.

We even have rules to that effect.

And people who are elected to government office swear an oath to honor, obey, and defend those rules.

They’re not supposed to even try to Run the World, because — well — check out Made of Fail above.

So, what do we do when somebody tries to sell us that The World is Run by the People Who Show Up?

Right! We object. Which Is As It Should Be.

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