Cat Monday

HAD AN INTERESTING and hopeful development in kitty detente today.

I was sitting at my desk in the study. Lady Jane was badooping around, climbing on the stuff piled against the north wall (under my watchful eye). She made her way to the front window seat. Karma was already there. Anticipating some possibly good pictures, I turned my camera on and pulled the curtain aside.

Jane settled into the hand clearance at the front of the sill, while Karma got up and curled into the corner between the right book case and the countertop that forms the window seat.

I snapped a couple of pictures of Jane, but realized that Karma wasn’t going to push matters, and Jane was clueless and didn’t know there were matters to be pushed.

Then Sky jumped up on the windowseat. I immediately switched over to macro-focus and looked for a good angle on what promised to be some sort of confrontation. I was, however, unprepared for the sort we got.

Sky started licking Jane. At first, I thought it was grooming. But it quickly became clear that what was going on was tasting. I reported this fact to Toni, who came over to watch. So did Aqua, who popped up onto the typing desk and growled a bit. Karma, deciding discretion being the better part of valor, got down and wandered off.

Then Jane tired of the attention and stood up, breaking contact with Sky — but not before he got a few good licks in on her butt — and went to curl up where Karma had been lying.

Amost immediately, Jane’s place was taken by Elwood, who wanted to see what all the excitement was about. Sky started in on him.

Aqua growled a bit more. “Aqua!” I chided her gently. Toni put out a hand to stroke her back.

“Um… This isn’t Aqua,” she said. I reached out and felt the back fur of the one I thought was Sky (one sure way to tell them apart — Sky’s back fur is coarser than Aqua’s). Sure enough, it was AQUA who’d been tasting the kittens — the one of the triplets who’s been possibly the most hostile to the new kittens.

After all this time, we still have occasional trouble telling the two of them apart. This is Sky. DUH!

Seems as though the new babies are settling in faster than we thought they might.

And Bandit seems to really like curling up on my chest and snoozing away — motor on full purr.

Not supposed to be getting attached to him. When he gets a bit bigger, so youngest granddaughter (whose current family includes a sibling of our triplets, Harvey, who was a tad bigger when they got him) and Bandit are a bit better suited for each other sizewise, he’s going to be leaving us.

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