Can You Say

“CHICAGO SEVEN TRIAL?” Sher ya can. Immediately on hearing Maha Rushie quoting this Andy McCarthy piece on Friday…

So: We are now going to have a trial that never had to happen for defendants who have no defense. And when defendants have no defense for their own actions, there is only one thing for their lawyers to do: put the government on trial in hopes of getting the jury (and the media) spun up over government errors, abuses and incompetence. That is what is going to happen in the trial of KSM et al. It will be a soapbox for al-Qaeda’s case against America.

…the first place my mind went was to the Chicago Seven Trial (q.v.) and how corrosive that single incident was to American jurisprudence. And here we have not spoiled rotten American middle-class teenagers, but hard-core enemy terrorists.

Yeah. Nothing but good can come of that.

They say you should never ascribe to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity. With this administration, that seems more and more apparent to be the case.

Trouble is: the stupid is malicious.

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